What We Do

Market Research

A world’s leading full market research solution provider for both qualitative and quantitative research studies. Our team takes great pride in defining and shaping future of the research industry. We operate internationally in more than 60 countries.


Human Resource

Human Resource Consulting Division (Raghupati Group) is a human capital and management consulting firm headquartered in India. We are recruitment services provider for IT and Non IT segments and operates internationally in more than 60 countries.


Construction Division (Raghupati Group) is a PAN India turnkey services provider for Engineering, Design Supply, installation, testing, all types of erection works, commissioning procurement and construction solutions of circuit transmission lines in telecom and power sectors.


Why Raghupati Group?

24X7 project management support to client. Quality of Work is at par with the best Industry Standards. Engage highly experienced strong team worldwide. Real-time monitoring to improve service levels and decision making. Expertise in multiple domains with innovative, reliable and scalable solutions. Providing one stop solution to our national and international clients.